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Welcome to my new blog.  For those who have followed my blogging efforts for the past few years, thank you for your continued support.  For those who are new, thank you for stopping by. I invite you to read the About Me page to learn a bit of my background and the significance of the Stepping Stones name.

To that end, I thought this first post might serve as an introduction: my mission – my passion – my beliefs.

While I did not plan this to coincide with April Fool’s Day … I did borrow the theme from the A-Z Challenge which  begins today, April first.  I know that my current teaching and writing schedule will not allow me to write daily posts this year, but if I were to participate, an outline of my posts would look something like this:

 Artist vs Accountant (or…. Right brain vs Left brain)

 Being vs Doing

C – Crossroads of life

D – Dogs:  epitome of unconditional love

E – Emerging … slowly but surely

F – Francophile personified:  loving all things French

G – Gratitude:  learning to be thankful in all circumstances

H – Happiness vs Joy

I – INTJ (Myers Briggs)

J – Joy in the Moment:  what Photography has taught me

K – KISS:  keep it simple, sweetie

L – Love:  infatuation vs respect

M – Moderation in everything

N – the NOOK:  my private paradise

O – Open doors and cracked windows 

P – Personal Historian

Q – Quiet and reserved

R – Revise (or Rewrite) a Life

S – Sandwich Generation

T – Teaching – a ten year career

U – Unique:  embrace yourself rather than compare to others

V – Veering off the path

W – Wanderlust

X – X marks the spot (we are where we are supposed to be)

Y – Young as you feel

Z – Zoo – my photography oasis

Perhaps this list gives you a little insight into me; perhaps it raises questions that I can address another time.  This blog will be my personal space to write about writing, or reading, or other topics as they interest me.  I have dedicated separate blogs to write about Travel and Photography.  I would love for you to visit me there as well.

In the meantime, the butterfly has left her cocoon and this is the next stepping stone in the river of life.



  1. Here’s to new beginnings!

  2. Oh, I wish you had time to do these posts this year, but they can wait. So is Cocoon officially closed, and this is now your new home? I’ll RSS it.

  3. Liz C.

    Congratulations, Molly! I can’t wait to see where these stepping stones lead for you and your clients!

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