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Sunday Salon: June 8, 2014

After some hot, humid stormy weather this week, we are enjoying sunny skies and seasonal temperatures today.  I plan to enjoy a morning walk a little later….

war of artReading:  Well, it is becoming quite evident that I cannot read as much as I would like.  This week I completed one book (the War of Art), one Jeff Goins PDF file (You are a Writer), and half a travel memoir (Without Reservations).

I am hoping to do better this week…

Writing:  As my writing coach tells me, I need to learn to give myself some grace.  I am goal driven and a human-doing.  It is easy for me to maintain a lengthy task-list and “be productive” — it is difficult to give myself a break and just relax.

But I have come to realize that at this time in my writing life, I need to allow myself to explore and experiment.  I am still unclear as to what I am supposed to write — that one piece that is my story that needs to be told — but I am no longer going to stress about it.  I am committed to writing ten minutes every day, always asking the Lord to direct my endeavors.  Some days I write about writing… other days I focus on memoir excavation … and still other days I play with travel essays.  The middle grade fiction is still viable, although I have intentionally put that on hold until the fall.

To that end, my writing life includes lots of journaling and blog posts.  I am brainstorming some possible articles to post on Medium and Maptia.  I am reading to fill the well and learn how to hone the craft.  And I am relaxing.

Blogging:  For now, blogging is the focus of my writing endeavors.  I think I enjoy the essay form and the idea that I am writing for an audience – even if it is only an audience of two or three.  So… I have not only maintained a consistent schedule for another week, but I added yet another blog.

Artist Date:  First Fridays is a monthly event in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City.  Old, abandoned warehouses have been transformed into flea markets and “junk” shops where thousands attend to find a bargain, or if you are like me, to take a stroll down memory lane.

My husband enjoys the hunt … finding the one item for the perfect price … while I enjoy taking pictures of nostalgic items from my past.  The weather was nice, the selection was great, and it was a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Exercise:  I hit a milestone this week – I  walked 10,000 steps-a-day for 10 days straight.   I shared this victory with a friend of mine and commented that I always return from my morning walk with some useful nugget that I can either use in my personal or writing life.  She suggested that I start a blog to record these insights, and I accepted the challenge.

So, rather than posting my exercise progress here on Sundays, you can read about it on the new blog:  10,000 Stepping Stones.

Surfing the Net:  I discovered a few “new-to-me” links this week that I thought might be of interest to others as well.

I hope you all enjoyed a productive, literary week …. and are looking forward to a great week ahead.



  1. Fear of writing – I can relate. Have a good week.

  2. The War of Art is such a good book. I read it a while ago and think it might be time for a re-read!

  3. I live in the Kansas City area, so I’ll have to check out First Fridays sometime. I love vintage things. Thanks for sharing! Here’s my SUNDAY SALON this week. 🙂

  4. cathyensley

    You do an enormous amount of writing with your blogging, journaling and everything else you do.

    Maybe, since blogging feels so natural to you, and you are so prolific at it, this will be your true writing calling. Writing is writing. Does it matter whether it’s a book?

    When I think about The Bloggess or Dooce or Pioneer Woman, they all simply shared their stories on their blog. Their audience grew and grew, and look at the incredible successes they have become.

    For me, I would far rather hide behind fiction with the writing I do than have to come forth into the public arena with blog posts. Blogging is not comfortable for me at all, whereas writing fiction feels quite cozy.

  5. I can understand a fear of writing and hope The War of Art helps. Sounds like an interesting book.
    Book Dilettante

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