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Sunday Salon: June 29, 2014

Just got in from a hot and muggy walk this morning, and am currently debating whether to venture out for Sunday brunch at a new restaurant in town, Pinstripes.  Severe weather is expected this afternoon (which should cool things off), so I anticipate some major reading is in my near future.

still writingReading:  I managed to finish three (yes 3!!) books this week.  Now, most of them I started a while ago, but the rainy weather combined with a relatively free schedule allowed me to fit more reading into my life.  I did make reading a priority during my nighttime routine, which helped greatly – and I look forward to maintaining this consistency in the future.

I plan to have Book Reviews written later this week, but the books I read include:

the walkWriting:  I intentionally did not write much this week.  My addiction to productivity  was robbing me of the joy, and I wanted to nip that bad habit in the bud.

Instead, I completed an assignment my writing coach gave me:  read something just for the fun it.  I typically choose books on writing – or books within the genres I have interest in writing (memoir, travel, cozy mystery, or Middle Grade).  This week, however, I read the first book in The Walk series by Richard Paul Evans – and I did simply read without analysis, highlighting or margin notes.  It was relaxing, enjoyable and I wonder why I have denied myself this pleasure for so long.

I will begin writing again this week – perhaps today.  I have several ideas that have been percolating and I am anxious to begin fleshing them out.

Blogging:  While I have not focused on writing projects, I have maintained a consistent blog schedule; I feel as though I have found a rhythm…

show workArtist Date:  I spent about three hours with a good friend working on our Blurb books.  We encouraged one another through frustrations and provided constructive feedback when needed.  She is nearly done with her 100-page book of a recent trip to New York City … and I completed a 39-page book (19-double page spreads) comparing my ordinary Midwest neighborhood to the streets of Paris, France.

In addition, I spent a couple of hours with my granddaughter and her aunt (my youngest) at the pool.  I stayed out of the frigid water, but did manage to take a few pictures, which I promptly edited and uploaded to my Flickr account.

Other interests:  I will be attending my first school Board meeting tomorrow night.

As many of you know, I recently retired from teaching in May – and while I was ready to say good-bye to grading literary essays and research papers – I wasn’t quite ready to say farewell to the school that I love.  I completed the Board member application in March, interviewed in April, and was appointed to a three-year term in May.  I am looking forward to serving Christ Prep and its administration and staff in this capacity.

I am not sure how we will celebrate the 4th of July.  All of our grown children have plans (as it should be) so it will just be Geoff and I.  We both enjoy fireworks but are not necessarily fond of the crowds.  I’m not sure whether we will venture out… or choose to watch them inside the comfort of our own home.

What plans do you have for this upcoming special holiday weekend?



  1. As usual, you sound like you’ve been a busy bee, but glad you’ve been able to enjoy your reading and writing without pressure. I plan on doing a little of that this coming Fourth of July, especially the reading part.

  2. I skipped my walk because it was so muggy this morning and am already regretting my decision… I have much more energy the whole day if I get up and get moving! Sounds like you had a great reading week, and serving on your school’s board is an excellent way to stay connected.

  3. I love the sound of Travel Tuesday. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar but it usually ends up taking me too long to get all my photographs together that by the time I do, I’m too exhausted to write the post. Ha! Three books is great!! Even if started already. And I think we could all be better at reading just for fun. Have a great week Molly!

  4. joyweesemoll

    What a variety of activities and things to engage in! We haven’t got much of a plan for the 4th of July. I have to leave open the possibility of a last-minute family invitation. Otherwise, I would really love to stay home and learn about what Ben Franklin did when he was in London.

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