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Sunday Salon: July 6, 2014

Fourth of July celebrations were cool and relaxing; we grilled outside, and enjoyed a nice evening at home – large crowds gathered to watch loud fireworks is not my idea of fun.

This week’s weather returns to our typical hazy, hot, and humid.  I envision most of the days will be spent in the nook reading and writing.

Reading:  Ok, my husband is going to read this and either die laughing or consider having me committed (or both) but… I started another blog:  Stepping Stones Book Reviews.

I realize that maintaining five separate blogs sounds like overkill – but for now, I need that kind of compartmentalization in my life.  I may merge the posts into one all-encompassing space in the future, but I’m going to try this system for a while.

I have missed the book blogging community and I want to be a part of it again.  What I post in this blog is not necessarily of interest to them, and conversely, the books I read are not always of interest to this audience.  So there will more than likely be some cross-reference and confusion, but I look forward to reintegrating reading into my every day (blogging) life.

Writing:  Most of the week was spent writing blog posts:  7 for the daily walk, 3 for my other blogs, and 5 book reviews.  I did however decide to join Camp NaNoWriMo with the intent of working on my Sketchbook memoir project – which is due August 1st.  The timing seemed perfect.

Camp NaNo is a bit more low-key than the “official” event in November – but isn’t that what camp should be?  In this session you can work on any project – fiction, non-fiction, or even a revision – and the word count is entirely discretionary (rather than the required 50,000 words in November).

Camp NaNo also offers the option of joining a cabin with ten other like-minded writers.  You can choose to be in a cabin with those of the same age …. those writing the same genre… or those who share the same faith.  It makes the writing experience a bit more social, which is a good change of pace.

Anyway, I have not written one word toward my Sketchbook project … but I have great plans for the upcoming week.

Blogging:  As mentioned above, blogging is obviously my writing preference these days.

  • Travel Tuesday:  where I reminisced about 4th of July celebrations in Bella Vista, AR
  • Writing Wednesday:  where I discussed another lesson learned from a coloring session:  Vivid vs Pastel
  • Photo Friday:  where I participated in Paris in July by posting pictures of Parisian Windows
  • Saturday Review:  I reviewed 5 books this week –
  1. Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson
  2. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon
  3. Still Writing by Dani Shapiro
  4. The Walk by Richard Paul Evans
  5. 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber

Paris in July 2014Other noteworthy projects:  I must give a shout out to JoAnn of Lakeside Musing.  Last week she posted a reminder of the Paris in July challenge and I decided to join.

This is the 5th year for this challenge and I have yet to participate.  It is open to anyone who desires to discuss Paris – whether as a book review, a memorable vacation moment, a favorite French wine, a delightful French cookbook, or anything else Parisian.

If you would like to join in the fun, feel free to sign up here.

Au revoir – a bientôt!



  1. I had five or six blogs when I started, but finally cut down to one. I now don’t get having all those blogs…BUT I respect whatever works for you. Some things work better that way for folks. Glad it’s working for you.

  2. Another blog??? LOL, Molly… hope you have a good week!

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