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Sunday Salon: August 31, 2014

It is the last official weekend of summer, and therefore time for my annual declaration: Christmas will be here before you know it. I am not sure why, but the time between September 1st and January 1st is one big blur.  I love the season, don’t get me wrong, but I continue to marvel at …

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Purposeful Journaling

For several years now I have been faithful to writing Morning Pages, the brainchild of Julia Cameron in her classic book, The Creative Way.  The concept is to handwrite three pages when I first awake (or type its equivalent of 750 words).  Its purpose is to dump the mental clutter in my head in order to make space for …

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Sunday Salon: August 24, 2014

After taking an unintentional blogging break, I think I am ready to try this again – slowly and more balanced this time around. Without realizing it, I jumped from a teaching career to a blogging “job”, which was not the reason why I retired.  I retired because I was burned out and needed to rediscover joy …

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