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Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Discovering the Soul’s Agenda: Core Values (Part 2)

These past two weeks I have posted about the process of discovering the soul’s agenda. The first week served as an introduction which will eventually culminate in sharing my Writer’s Manifesto. Last week focused on the first step in the process:  following the Passions of your Heart. The second step will be the focus on this …

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Sunday Salon: September 21, 2014

Not much time for reading or writing or blogging this week.  We have been watching the Princess for the past five days and I must confess, I forgot how all-consuming a toddler can be.  Her parents will pick her up late this evening , however, and I (hopefully) I will return to a regular routine …

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Discovering the Soul’s Agenda: Heart’s Desire (Part 1)

Last week I discussed my personal journey that has led me to develop a Writer’s Manifesto. I mentioned the book, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life by James Hollis, which suggests we all have a soul’s agenda, and by remaining faithful to that agenda, we will find meaning and purpose in life. Through …

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Sunday Salon: September 14, 2014

The bi-polar weather of the midwest has returned this week.  We experienced highs in the 90s on Monday and Tuesday, and then a record-low of 38 degrees on Saturday morning.  Today, however, is near perfection:  sunny and seventy, ideal conditions for a nice walk and family cookout. Reading:  I actually finished three books since my last Salon post …

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Writer’s Manifesto – Introduction

It was about a year ago that I felt the call to write full-time.  This was too important a decision to make hastily, however, so I began to flesh out the possibility. In October, 2013, I found a local writing group and attended my first meeting of the Heartland of America Christian Writers’ Network.  I …

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