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Sunday Salon: September 21, 2014

Not much time for reading or writing or blogging this week.  We have been watching the Princess for the past five days and I must confess, I forgot how all-consuming a toddler can be.  Her parents will pick her up late this evening , however, and I (hopefully) I will return to a regular routine soon.

brynn-8Reading:  Well, quite a bit of reading, but mostly in the form of Fairy Tales and picture books.  Our current favorites include The Three Little Pigs and Llama Llama and the Bully Goat.  Fortunately she loves reading almost as much as her “Olly”

Writing:  While I have not actually written this week, I did meet with a beta reader on Tuesday, and we had a wonderful time talking and brainstorming about my NaNoWriMo novel.  She is of the opinion that I should revise the book to YA rather than Middle Grade and delve into the lives of the male patrons of the ballet.  I have many ideas to flesh out over the next few weeks, and I am rather excited to see where this story takes me.

Blogging:  This week I wrote Part one of a four-part series on Finding Your Soul’s Agenda.  The First step is to identify your Heart’s Desire.

brynn-7Other possible info:  As I said at the start, I have spent the past five days trying to keep a three-year-old entertained.  When the weather cooperated, we did a lot of swinging, but mostly we had to find ways to stay busy indoors.  Kinetic Sand was HUGE hit and we found time to play with it every day.  We also decorated gingerbread Haunted Houses and festive fall cookies.  We painted Halloween ornaments and participated in many tea parties.  We spent one afternoon at the mall visiting the American Girl Salon, the Disney Store and the carousel.  Today we might venture a trip to the zoo …. or just consider this a day of rest.

Oops… I’m being summoned… I best go for now…



  1. I’m guessing there are worse things in life to be summoned by…;)

  2. cathyensley

    Hmmm. Do you really want your book on ballet to be Ya? Do you really want to delve further into the lives of male ballet dancers? If so, great. Assuming you’ll also delve into the homosexual aspects of male ballet dancers, you’ll create a more “PC” novel that might reach a larger audience (than if you stay in MG). All fine and good, if that’s what you, in your heart, want to do with your work.

    • Hey Cathy 🙂 ….

      Just to clarify, I do not tend to delve into the world of male ballet dancers, but rather the wealthy male patrons of the ballet who not only supported the arts but the ballerinas as well. This stems from viewing SO many paintings of the ballet, with these seedy men in black top hats appearing everywhere.

      I still plan to complete the MG novel (plugging in some plot holes and working on dialogue) but thought this might be another experiment. Actually…. I have also thought of turning the story into a mystery as well.

      I am still finding my voice and my niche… and trying to have fun in the process.

  3. A girl has to have a tea party. Gets her ready for all that reading.

  4. readerbuzz

    I haven’t become an ‘Olly yet but I admire your well-rounded days with your little g-child. Enjoy!

    Here’s my Sunday Salon!

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