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Sunday Salon: October 19, 2014

“Party like it’s 1985” is the theme of Kansas City these days.  For those who do not follow baseball, our beloved Royals made it to the World Series – the first time in 29 years – and the entire region is celebrating.  We hope our boys in blue can carry the post-season momentum one more week and bring home the crown.

Reading:  I had great plans to participate in Dewey’s Read-athon yesterday.  When I maintained my book blog, I used to participate each October and April, although I modified the rules just a bit.  I would pledge to read 12 hours over the weekend, typically six hours on Saturday and another six hours on Sunday.  It is amazing how much reading I accomplished when I set aside both quantity and quality time to read.   But then life got in the way and reading was put on hold.

flower-12Yesterday’s plan was to focus on reading Middle Grade fiction.  I have several books on hold from the library in preparation for NaNoWriMo and this seemed the perfect time to delve into the pile.  But when I finally sat down to read, I decided instead to pick up the Scott Kelby photography books that have been on my shelf for months.  I am sure this abrupt change was to due to the Photo Safari I took on Friday to the Arboretum.  I enjoyed walking through nature, practicing camera skills, chatting with a fellow photographer, and I wanted to continue that interest one more day.

So, I read three books in about four hours … and it felt great.  Now, let’s hope I can continue the reading practice this week and start making some headway in Middle Grade fiction.

Writing:  I had a realization the other day.  I was preparing for a session with my Writing Coach, reviewing the status of various projects, and I discovered I am currently working on 4 articles, 1 novel, and a memoir.   And as I stared at that list I thought:  I am a writer.

I have struggled with this label since I decided to retire.  A year ago I didn’t know what I would write – I didn’t think I would ever be good enough – I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to publish my work.  But here is what I have decided:  if I don’t write, I will never be published.   And if I define a “real” writer as someone who is published, then I must write… and submit… and receive rejections.  And while waiting for that illusive acceptance, I am still a writer.  I may never become published, but I am still a writer.  I may never develop a platform, but I am still a writer.  I am a writer because I write, and because I cannot imagine a life without it.

A new Pastime:  As I indicated earlier,  we have been rather focused on baseball these past few days.  I like the sport, but I have become obsessed since the Royals have entered post-season play.  I have religiously watched since the Wild Card game, which translates into many hours sitting in front of the television, nervously biting my nails.

_MG_8020In an attempt to save my manicure as well as my sanity, I decided to take up knitting.  Now, needlework and I have a love-hate relationship.  I love the idea of quilting or cross-stitch or crochet, but I quickly become frustrated and quit.  I decided that this time around I would focus on something simple and small, and I would not expect perfection.  Some of my Pinterest friends have showcased fun, brightly-colored dishcloths that seem to fit these requirements, and who couldn’t use an extra dishcloth?

Since last week, I have completed four different cloths – using four different patterns – and a pair of slippers.  None are perfect and I have had a few minor setbacks … but I have stuck with it and allowed the imperfections to become learning lessons.  I figure I have at least several  more games to watch, which will translate into a few more knitted projects, and then I may be ready to move on to something more challenging, or to put my needles up until next year.

I am curious… how do you pass the time while watching television?



  1. You did better with the readathon than I did, which wasn’t at all since I was working yesterday (at a library of all places, to feel taunted even more :)). As for your platform, isn’t this blog a part of your platform…and when I watch TV, I really don’t do anything else except watch TV. However, I’m not watching baseball and usually am watching crime dramas.

  2. Yay! Go Royals! =)

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