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My Writer’s Manifesto

For the past several weeks I reviewed the four ingredients I found essential in discovering my soul’s agenda (a term coined by James Hollis and which I have fully embraced):

And today I am prepared to profess that agenda…

I am a writer.

It is difficult for me to make this claim, for it is fraught with all kinds of self-imposed expectations.

  • “Real” writers have known their calling since childhood – I only recognized this desire to write a few years ago.
  • “Real” writers are published and earn enough money to support themselves and their families.  I have yet to be published and not sure I will ever make a dime.
  • “Real” writers are creative and inventive and never without a notebook to write daily observations. I have little artistic talent and typically ignore the world around me, too focused on the end-destination to observe the  present landscape.

However…. I do believe we all have a story to tell – myself included – a story that others need to hear.

I believe stories give hope to those who are going through similar trials; I believe it is through stories we connect with others, creating an environment of understanding and acceptance. And while we may experience vulnerability in sharing these stories, it is through this transparency we realize we are not alone; we are part of community.

Stories can be fiction and non-fiction, so a perceived lack of creativity is no excuse to ignore this call.  For now I feel led to pursue writing in three different ways:

  1. Non-fiction:  Writing family stories has tremendous value – it provides the necessary link connecting the ancestors of our past to future generations. Writing personal memoir allows us to communicate core values, beliefs and priorities to those who matter most to us, giving them an opportunity to know and understand our unique perspective.
  2. Fiction:  Writing historical fiction will allow me to introduce elementary students to the masters of classical music, art and literature in (hopefully) a fun, entertaining way. It is my hope this will instill a love of life-long learning, so when these students reach high school, they are not intimidated by these works, but rather look forward to learning more about an old childhood friend.
  3. Continuing Education:  Writing is a passion, but it is also accompanied by a desire to teach others the joy of writing, of finding a personal voice and sharing it with others. Writing is a way of connecting: with our God, our families, our community, and ourselves. Writing is a way to embrace life to its fullest.

Isaiah 30:8 – So go now and write all this down. Put it in a book so that the record will be there to instruct the coming generations.



  1. Feels good to claim your right to write, doesn’t it? While I’m pretty good about accepting my soul’s agenda when it comes to writing, I find that other creative ventures on my part are fraught with insecurity (my photography, for instance.) It’s so good to chase down those limiting beliefs and weed them from our psyche. 🙂

    ~Tui, popping by from #WWWblogs 🙂

  2. Leslie Lowe

    I truly believe that what you write is a part of your soul, your experiences, your heart’s desire, and what God needs in the world. He gives us the talent and we are but His vessels.

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