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Sunday Salon: November 2, 2014

I hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks back and enjoyed an extra hour’s sleep.  Unfortunately the dogs are unaware of this once-a-year luxury….

Happenings this week:  I had a GREAT week – I mean, one of the best “ordinary” weeks in years.  Perhaps it had to do with my attitude, perhaps it had to do with cooler temperatures, or perhaps it had to do with a few online discoveries.

CM productOn Monday I learned the “old” Creative Memories is returning in a streamlined, simplified manner.  The albums, pages, and protectors I love will be available once again.  The camaraderie of crops are once again a possibility.  And becoming a consultant just feels right.  It is as though I found the missing piece of the puzzle that ties together my past life with retirement.

This go around, however, I am becoming a consultant not to build a profitable business, but rather to share a meaningful message:  Preserve the Past – Enrich the Present – Inspire Hope for the Future.  I am giddy with excitement and can hardly wait until the official re-launch (sometime this week).

gratitude-1On Tuesday a former student introduced me to Bible Journaling – an amazing, creative way to interact with God’s word.  It never occurred to me to use my love of colored pens, whimsical stickers and creative lettering to read and analyze scripture.  There is even a Journaling Bible that provides 2-inch margins for detailed notes or artwork.  And of course an active Facebook Group that provides lots and lots of inspiration.

I met with my writing coach on Thursday who is encouraging me to pitch two article ideas to the Focus on the Family editor at the writing conference this coming week.  While the thought makes my palms sweat and knees shake, I am encouraged by her confidence in me.

And of course NaNoWriMo officially kicked off yesterday.

knit togetherReading:  Well, obviously I focused lots of attention on other endeavors this week, but I did manage to skim Debbie Macomber’s non-fiction book, Knit Together:  Discover God’s Plan for Your Life.  I have read only one or two of her fiction books and while I found them entertaining, I must confess that I am not a devoted fan.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book – and I especially enjoyed hearing of her struggles as a beginning writer (hard to believe she was ever a novice…).

There was not a lot of new material here, but I did find her words inspirational, encouraging all of us to follow our hearts, remain persistent, and never give up.

Writing:  Most of the week was focused on drafting articles for the writer’s conference .  I have never met with an editor, and I must confess I feel more than a bit out of my comfort zone, but I also know this is a great opportunity and I would be a fool not to take advantage.  I am focusing my efforts in intergenerational pieces that can be useful to parents  (or grandparents) of younger and older children.

There will also be an editor at the conference from Writer’s Digest.  My writing coach has also encouraged me to meet with her as well, but I am afraid that might be putting the cart before the horse.  The opportunity is tremendous (this is the first time WD has come to this conference in years) … but I may have to pass this go around.

I did not write for NaNoWriMo yesterday, and while it would be easy for me to berate myself, I know that I am not really behind.  I worked hard these past weeks on character development, and I have detailed revision notes per chapter.  My original goal was to revise one chapter per day… so today I will just revise two.

Blogging:  The educator in me just couldn’t let the time pass without giving a Retirement Midterm report – overall, I feel I am on track for a 4.0.

Inspired by this 30 days of gratitude challenge, I decided to write a post for the Photography blog.  I am committed to maintaining this discipline by journaling daily blessings, but I am not quite convinced I will be so dedicated to taking pictures.  We shall see…

I am looking forward to another great week of NaNoWriMo, scrapbooking, and scripture journaling.  I stocked up on yarn at the Michael’s sale yesterday, so knitting will continue even though the World Series has ended….

Life is good!



  1. Congratulations on one of those great weeks. It’s all good when it comes together, isn’t it? It sounds like you’re definitely on track for that 4.0 (I did go back and read your retirement post and agree that it is OK to have a lack of focus sometimes). You seem to be getting that focus here and in posts like this.

  2. readerbuzz

    What a fabulous week. Thanks for sharing info about 30 Days of Gratitude challenge. I need to look into that. It’s such a good way of increasing happiness.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon!

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