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The Power of a Preposition

gideonMy Bible study group is currently reading Gideon by Priscilla Shirer.  This week focused on God’s long-suffering and patience.  We all felt that at times we have tested His patience to the max.  We have felt His rolling-eyes, heavy sighs, and mumbling to Himself, “Will she ever get this right?!”

But as I participated in this discussion I wondered if perhaps there was another way to interpret the message.  Rather than feeling God’s disappointment WITH us … wagging his divine finger and uttering “tsk, tsk, tsk” … Could He in fact be disappointed FOR us?

Rather than tinged with disdain, perhaps there is empathy in His statement.  He may not be saying, “Will she ever get this right?” – with my perceived implication that I am either stupid, sinful, or lacking in faith – but instead He may be gently pleading with me to simply Trust Him, and believe that He is truly for me and not against me.

“Molly, if you will just release this to me, you will receive the peace you desperately desire.  Let me carry the burden, and you go take a rest.”

Or perhaps the words go something like, “Molly, you are making this too difficult.  Stop trying to do it all and just take that one next step.  I got this under control.”

Or perhaps He wants me to know that I need to stop viewing Him as the strict disciplinarian, just waiting for me to make a mistake, and instead view Him as the loving parent who wishes to grant immediate blessings for simple obedience.

I no longer think God is disappointed in me.  He knows me – all my faults, all my weaknesses, all my baggage, and He yet still loves me.  He just wants me to learn to accept that love.

So I’m changing the preposition, and with that, my outlook on life here on earth… and beyond.


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