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Sunday Salon: December 7, 2014

I find it hard to believe that the first week of December has passed already.  Even when I try to slow down and live intentionally, this time of year zooms at lightning speed!

Reading:  Most of my reading this month is focused on Advent.  I have found a few daily devotionals at YouVersion, and I am enjoying the books of Ace Collins:  Stories Behind the Best Loved Songs of Christmas (volume 1 and volume 2), and Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas.  At some point I will create a Milestone Memoir that focuses on our family holiday traditions, and using these books as journaling prompts helps me prepare for that project.

one perfect wordAs I begin to look forward to the New Year, I read another Debbie Macomber non-fiction book, One Perfect Word.

I have participated in the “one word” movement for a couple of years.  In 2012 I adopted the word balance … knowing that my workaholic life was definitely lopsided.  By the end of the year I realized that balance was only one component of what I truly desired in life.  So in 2013 I adopted the word peace and I must admit, I am more relaxed now than I was two years ago.

I like the idea of focusing on one specific word for the year, and Ms. Macomber believes that God will give us our word if we are diligent in asking.  I have begun a list of possibilities for 2015.  Those in the running include:  acceptance – obedience – rest – joy – obligation – and simply be.  I am still brainstorming while seeking the Lord’s guidance, but I am confident I will be ready to share my special word by year’s end.

Writing:  Milestone Memoirs continues to be my primary writing focus.

At this point, I have identified several personal projects that I can hardly wait to begin:  Holiday Traditions; My Parents’ stories; and My Personal Memoir – although this might be further segmented into life before and after motherhood.

I have spent the better part of this week sorting through decades of photographs:  those passed down from my parents, as well as those I took prior to digital imaging.  While I have begun the scanning process, I will only focus on those taken prior to 1982 for the time being.

I am determined to have fun with this project, so it is essential I divide my time between the tedious scanning and the creative writing.  Once I have scanned all the pre-1982 photos, I will make prints and construct an outline for the first Project.  Hopefully this can be accomplished by the end of this week.  I am MORE than excited.

Blogging:  I started a series of blog posts that focus on the Milestone Memoirs process.  This week I introduced the concept and over the next two months I plan to develop each of the nine-steps. While it may sound detailed, in reality, this is a doable project for anyone interested in preserving a legacy for future generations.

In addition, I have continued my gratitude project with a twist.  I am currently counting down the 31 days of Christmas Joy.  Most of these posts will center around decorations, food, and entertainment (music and movies), but in the Totoro household, that pretty much sums up the month of December.

As of now, I am not overly committed this week: a Christmas concert this evening, a board meeting on Monday, and a girls’ baking day on Friday afternoon.  This leaves plenty of time to work on photos, as well as relax and enjoy these precious moments of Advent.



  1. I’m thinking about my one word for this year too. I found it fairly helpful for this year and followed through with using it as a guide throughout the year. It was “simple.” This year’s leading contender is “equilibrium.”

    • Bryan… I LOVE the word “simple” – I think I shall add that to my list of possibilities!

  2. readerbuzz

    I love the one-word idea. I’ve been focusing on happiness, but, unfortunately, it really is true: when you focus on happiness, it eludes you.

    So I need to come up with a different word, something more peaceful and gentle. I’m thinking about possibly “play.”

    • Oh my… Play is the perfect word! I have avoided play so much in life that I couldn’t even think of the word when I wanted to 🙂 I hope you don’t mind… but I just may copy this one myself!

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