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My Soul’s Agenda: an addendum

We are all a work in progress, aren’t we?  Well… at least I am.

This blog has chronicled my soul-searching over the past six months.  When I retired in May, I knew I wanted to write – but what?  I knew I had a passion to teach writing – but how? I firmly believe everyone has a story to tell – but why is it so difficult for me to start writing my own?

In an effort to answer these questions, I developed a series of Stepping Stones worksheets to help me identify what James Hollis calls, a soul’s agenda.  This life purpose is composed of our Heart’s Desires, Core Values, Character Strengths, and Personal Experiences.

Ultimately this led me to draft my Writer’s Manifesto and declare myself a writer (gulp!)

Once I accepted writing as part of my life purpose, I needed to identify the message.  While I have varied interests – travel writing, middle grade fiction, personal essays, etc – I continue to focus on the theme, Everyone has a story to tell.  In fact my tagline reads:  Connecting with others through story.

Ok… so I have identified the vehicle (writing) and the message (everyone has a story to tell).  But I still needed to discover the HOW?  I have no experience in memoir writing, and I am struggling to begin writing my own.  I want to teach others to share their stories, but I have no credentials.  I felt incomplete…adrift.

I attended the writing conference in the hopes of solidifying a direction. Instead, I left wondering if becoming a “published author” was my true calling.  I wasn’t disappointed or dejected, just confused as to what next step to take.

But in God’s perfect timing, I now know that next step.

It combines my vision for one photograph (worth 1,000 words) plus one essay (about 500 words) for a thorough exploration of a topic.  It allows me to use my creativity with color and design.  It will help me tell my story, and will provide opportunity to teach others how to tell theirs.  I have over ten years experience in the field and feel qualified to assist others in leaving a legacy.

It may not lead to a book contract.  It may not provide publishing credits.  But it will use my writing and teaching skills in a meaningful way.

Scrapbooking is my comfort place – it is my home – it is my soul’s agenda.

So while this blog will continue to provide posts on writing and travel and personal insights … it will also focus on scrapbooks and helping others tell their story for future generations.

I hope you will continue to explore this second half of life together with me.



  1. cathyensley

    Ali Edwards is doing this so wonderfully using Becky Higgins’s pocket pages, plus Ali’s own digital files for sale. Do you follow Ali’s blog? I think you would enjoy it.

  2. Hi Cathy! I have not followed Ali’s blog for quite some time. Thanks for the great reminder 🙂

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